deutherm supports Global Compact principles

The United Nations Global Compact seeks to change the world together with businesses in the areas of human rights, labour standards, environmental protection and the fight against corruption.

In a letter to UN Secretary-General Guterres, deutherm's managing director Kuno Weiler undertook to promote the underlying principles in the company's own area of influence. To quote, "We undertake to integrate the Global Compact and its principles in our business strategy, corporate culture and day-to-day business and to participate in cooperation projects which serve the general objectives of the United Nations, in particular the Sustainable Development Goals."

Sustainable economic activity is a central hub and pivot of the Global Compact and, in the opinion of the UN, of vital importance for the successful future of businesses and organisations. It begins with the value system of a business and with principles that are to apply everywhere.

The United Nations has defined ten principles for where and how businesses both take responsibility and lay the foundation for future success. In addition to the protection of human rights, they also include fundamental labour standards such as the elimination of forced and child labour and the right to collective bargaining. Other fundamental values of the Global Compact include protection of the environment, the promotion of environmentally friendly technology and the fight against corruption.

"We are not a global group," says Kuno Weiler, "but we cooperate with such companies and want to set an example together."

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