Innovative cooling systems

We ensure the availability of your network infrastructure by providing innovative cooling systems that dramatically reduce your operational expenses (opex) while delivering high performance. Take advantage of our experience from 1 million installed cooling systems in mobile phone base stations. Cut your energy consumption without sacrificing quality or reliability.


Operational reliability

Operational reliability is paramount for the cooling of telecommunication equipment. System outages due to overheating are unpleasant for network operators and their customers. deutherm solutions ensure the highest possible availability.

Immune to power failures

A layout based on 48 V supply voltage also makes our solutions immune to power outages, because they can be powered for an extended time from UPS batteries.


Top performance and high energy efficiency

deutherm systems feature top performance and high energy efficiency. Their cooling capacity is always oriented to the circumstances of the climate zone concerned, the size of the plant, and local use conditions.


Low energy consumption,
large savings

deutherm systems reduce the overall cost of telecommunication systems by their outstanding price/performance ratio, lower energy consumption and economical operation. The installation expenditure is reasonable, and maintenance can generally be performed by electricians. We do not use hazardous chemical refrigerants, so there is no need for the services of specialised air conditioning firms.

A high-performance controller for monitoring and fan speed control enables measurable energy savings of about 90% compared to a modern inverter-based air conditioning system.

Quick payback

This can easily lead to annual energy cost savings of 1,200 to 1,500 euros per base station. With just 1,000 base stations, that means you can cut your operating expenses by much more than EUR 1 million per year.

That puts the ROI of the fully installed Flexibox at about two years, depending on local power rates and installation costs. Where old air conditioning systems are replaced by free cooling systems, additional savings come from eliminating their high maintenance costs.


Renowned – reliable – brilliantly simple

Security is a multi-layered attribute with deutherm systems. For one thing, we only use devices from the renowned manufacturer Dantherm. For another, our free cooling solutions have extremely high reliability based on their brilliantly simple operating principle.

Control and monitoring by a controller

Control and monitoring are handled by a high-performance controller that saves all operating data and enables worldwide access by network operators. The collected data is protected against manipulation. Protective circuits respond to emergency situations, such as fire.


Non-toxic – efficient – quiet

deutherm technology already conforms to the hard environmental requirements that soon or later will become effective. You do not need hazardous refrigerants, your energy consumption is only a fraction of what you need with conventional systems, and the systems are so quiet they can be operated in residential areas without any problem. Efficient control allows the fans to always run at the lowest necessary speed.


Proven – tailored – economical

A combination of a few defined standard modules covering a wide range of capacity classes enables us to equip every equipment situation with a tailored cooling system. That gives you highly custom solutions with reasonable capital expenditure.