The controller is the heart of our solutions. It’s what makes deutherm solutions really shine.

Mode of operation

Together with our many telecommunication customers, their ideas and wishes and our expertise, we were able to launch the sixth generation of the CC controller. A multitude of new, powerful functions persuaded even landline operators to use our controller for their existing large on-site fans (EC motors) in order to take advantage of all these technical features and benefit from the resulting advantages.

deutherm FC 4000 controller

The perfect control unit for the deutherm FCB 1200-DC free cooling system. With numerous innovative configuration/ maintenance functions and encrypted communication. Intuitive operation via the touch display.


  • Intuitive handling
  • Simple programming
  • Remote monitoring via SNMPv3 (hacker-safe)
  • Remote monitoring via four alarm outputs
  • 4,3" touch display
  • Internal data logging on the processor
  • Data readout via RJ45 interface and/or USB stick
  • Control of:
    – 2x free cooling systems
    – 2x air conditioner
    – 1x external heating
  • Made in Germany
  • All important information on the home screen
  • Day/night program to reduce noise emissions
  • Buffered real-time clock battery
  • Connection of up to three temperature sensors
    (outdoor, indoor and hotspot sensor)
  • Time-controlled “technician on site“ function
    (automatic restart of the FCB)
  • Compatible with FCB 1200-DC and Flexibox 900
  • Operating hours recording for FCB systems,
    air conditioning systems and external heating

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CC-3000 controller

The customer-specific program is loaded into the controller from an SD card. The same SD card can also be used for automatic data logging. The integrated battery-backed real time clock enables time-dependent system control. That facilitates night setbacks for compliance with noise regulations at sites with special noise abatement provisions.

Smoke detectors on site, as well as existing air conditioning systems, can be connected to the controller. Door contacts, generators, tank level sensors, glass breakage detectors, and other existing infrastructure can be connected to additional digital inputs for monitoring.

The ten floating alarm outputs can be configured as NC or NO contacts with our without delay. If you want to monitor your infrastructure with more than just relays, you can use the SNMP adapter or a GUI in combination with the standard Internet/intranet port. Particular attention has been given to remote monitoring capability.

Continuous fan speed control with integrated speed monitoring enables truly secure and energy-efficient plant operation.

A heater and up to two on-site air conditioning systems can be controlled by the CC-3000 controller. The operating hours of the heater, the air conditioners and the Flexibox are individually logged. Two motorised exhaust air dampers and an air humidity regulator can also be controlled.

The controller is fail-safe in operation with a 48 VDC supply. It automatically recognises if the rectifier is still working and the 54 VDC output voltage is present, or the batteries are being discharged and the voltage is 48 VDC or less. In that case the power consumption of the Flexibox can be limited. This is done by a user-settable speed limit and a configurable adjustment to the setpoint temperature. That extends the battery backup time without sacrificing the necessary cooling. Along with the outdoor and indoor temperature sensors, an additional hot spot sensor can be installed. The controller board is also monitored by its own temperature sensor.

The functions mentioned here are not intended to be complete, but only to give you an initial impression. Versatile, practically oriented features and a clever security concept are the hallmarks of this controller. The CC-3000 controller, built for the ICT world of tomorrow – this controller leaves nothing to be desired.