Two-zone cooling

Efficient cooling comes from clever energy use. It’s not necessary to cool everything the same. A two-zone cooling concept could be the answer. This architecture has proven merits, especially in very warm regions.

Mode of operation

Batteries that are especially temperature sensitive are placed in a battery cooling compartment.

Battery cooling compartment

The equipment room is cooled by an DFC or FCB system, for example. If batteries that are especially temperature sensitive are also deployed, they are placed in a battery cooling compartment.

A 48 VDC Peltier element or a small 48 VDC air conditioner is installed in the door of the battery cooling compartment. It only cools the small space of the battery compartment.

This is again a product that has been developed exclusively for telecommunication networks. The battery cooling compartment can hold two battery banks, each consisting of four 12 V / 175 Ah modules.

PG cable glands enable convenient entry of battery cables. There is also a small opening for connection to the outgas vent line. Battery compartments with special sizes can also be produced, subject to minimum quantity provisions.

Together with a DFC system or a Flexibox, the battery cooling compartment needs only about 15% of the energy required by a comparable inverter air conditioner that cools the entire equipment room.