Combo air conditioners

Looking for something bigger? We can handle that too.

Mode of operation

We define combo coolers (combo systems) as cooling systems consisting of a free cooling system and an air conditioner. The air conditioner is available with 6 kW or 10 kW cooling capacity. The integrated free cooling system (Flexibox) operates from 48 VDC and has a cooling capacity of about 1 kW/K. Several systems can be connected in parallel to increase the capacity or for redundancy reasons.

Combo coolers 6 kW / 10 kW

These cabinet-type systems are usually mounted with steel frames on the exterior wall of a shelter.


Both systems operate with the proven CC-4 controller, which provides fully automatic control of the free cooling system and the air conditioner. The controller and the free cooling system are powered from the 48 VDC supply for fail-safe operation. This ensures that emergency cooling is always available.

The controller is programmed via an SD card, which can also be used for data logging. The controller settings are protected by an access code and can be integrated into a network monitoring concept. Data exchange with the NOC is possible via the RS485 port using the ModBus protocol. Alarm relays are also present.

A small display can optionally be connected to the CC-4 controller. It can be included in the service technician’s tool kit to reliably prevent unauthorised access. These very high performance systems operate with high efficiency thanks to the integrated free cooling, and they are especially suitable for sites with high power dissipation.

Combo-Cooler 6kW

Combo-Cooler 10kW