48-volt air conditioning systems

Air conditioning systems with a difference: 48 VDC. Air conditioning systems are typically deployed at especially important nodes in your network. However, a mains power outage can cause difficulties: key network devices continue operating from battery power, but the equipment heats up quickly. We offer 48 VDC split air conditioners for these locations.

Mode of operation

The DC-3500 split air conditioner is designed for direct connection to the uninterruptible 48 V power supply of base stations. The cooling capacity is 3.6 kW, which covers the needs of most mobile phone base stations.

DC-3500 split air conditioner

The highly efficient 48 VDC compressor is driven under PWM control for continuously adjustable speed. The combination of automatic soft start, true demand-based cooling capacity, and a modern controller make this unit your first choice for telecommunication networks.

Programming is quick and easy with an SD card, which can also be used for data logging. The system has a very high COP (up to 5.1) because it works with real cold air and a high air exchange rate (860 m³/h) in the equipment room. Hot spots are reliably prevented. The compromises of comfort air conditioners designed for office landscapes are unnecessary because base stations are unmanned.

A DC/AC converter and generator for fail-safe operation are no longer required. With direct connection to the 48 VDC supply, there is no need for expensive auxiliary equipment and associated high maintenance costs.

The air conditioner is configured once and then operates automatically without a control panel. That makes thoughtless adjustment of the system by unauthorised persons simply impossible.

The Dantherm DC air conditioner recognizes whether the rectifier is operating (54 VDC), which means that normal operating conditions are present, or power is being supplied by the batteries (48 VDC or less). For that case, a limit on energy consumption can be set according to customer preferences to optimise the battery backup time. A clever monitoring system enables quick and economical integration into the existing monitoring concept. The necessary inputs and outputs are included as standard, eliminating the need for an additional reporting and remote monitoring card.

The brushless DC motors used in the system have permanent magnet rotors and stationary windings. They operate more efficiently, more reliably and with less noise than AC motors, and they have a longer life expectancy. The overall system has a comprehensive self-test function, alarm outputs, and a port for connecting a laptop computer.

The adjustment range of the desired setpoint temperature in the equipment room is +20°C to +55°C. The system can also work under severe ambient conditions from -15°C to +55°C. R134a is used as the refrigerant. The system is supplied prefilled for a 3 m line length. The 10 m electrical cables come with prefitted connectors.


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